Movie #1: Merong Mahawangsa the LEGEND

The Chronicles of Merong Mahawangsa is an action packed epic feature film, with mythical characters, magical moments and dazzling visual-effects sequences. Merong Mahawangsa was a descendant of Alexander the Great. He also renowned as a naval captain and traveler who came to Asia several hundred years ago.
The year is 120 AD a time when the Roman Empire is at the height of its power, during the reign of Hadrian who is one of the Five Good Emperors. Meanwhile in China, the Han Dynasty is firmly tiled as the ruling empire and is expanding into Central Asia.It is one hundred years before the period of the Three Kingdoms. As the Roman armada did their repairs and traded in Goa, they asked Merong Mahawangsa to escort a Roman prince to Southeast Asia, to marry a beautiful Chinese princess from the Han Dynasty. The Chinese princess and the Roman prince are supposed to meet halfway and get married on a beautiful island.
However, the pirate nation of Geruda had other plans. They decided to kidnap the Chinese princess and use her as ransom. En route to the Straits of Melaka, Merong Mahawangsa’s armada was attacked by Geruda’s forces while stopping at a small island to replenish supplies.
At the end of the movy, Merong Mahawangsa succeed to rescued the Chinese's princess with the help from the Roman and China armada. 

The graphic still need to be upgrade. Especially, during the fighting scene and the surrounding area. The fighting scene seems not so real and a bit clumsy..hahaa.. 
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Lesson #1: Tongue Twister

Tongue Twister 1
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Tongue Twister 2
How much wood could Chuck Woods' woodchuck chuck, if Chuck Woods' woodchuck could and would chuck wood? If Chuck Woods' woodchuck could and would chuck wood, how much wood could and would Chuck Woods' woodchuck chuck? Chuck Woods' woodchuck would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as any woodchuck would, if a woodchuck could and would chuck wood.

Tongue Twister 3
Esau Wood saw a wood saw, saw wood, as no wood saw would saw wood. If Esau Wood saw a wood saw, saw wood, as no wood saw would saw wood, where is the wood saw witch would saw wood, as no wood saw would saw wood.

Tongue Twister 4
A bitter biting bittern bit a better biting bittern
And the better biting bittern bit the bitter biting bittern back.
Said the bitter biting bittern to the better biting bittern
“I’m a bitter biting bittern bitten back”

Hey guys! we meet again. But this time i have something for you to try. Have you heard TONGUE TWISTER?? If you never heard it, today you gonna hear about it. Tongue Twister is use to improve the pronunciation  of the words in another word is to make your tongue soft. The sounds are same but the meaning are different. 

I have listed the tongue twister above. you can try your tongue to pronounce it in a faster way. Ask your friend to take time for you. Try it, its fun.!

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Global #2: The POWER of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH

As you can see the picture above..what do you think of it?

2 pictures above represent JAPAN country before and after been hit by the big TSUNAMI. The tragedy happened on Monday, 13 March 2011. It was the effect from the earthquake 9.0 magnitude in the western Pacific Ocean, 130 kilometers (81 mi) east of SendaiHonshu, Japan. It was expected to be the most powerful earthquake hits JAPAN. 

The picture above was taken from the satellite camera. What a coincidence, the destruction signify a "khat" of ISLAM which is know as "BISMILLAH"..

Think about it guys..

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Tech. Com #9: "To Cheat, or Not to Cheat"

For me, cheating is not suitable for student who still learning to get or achieve a good result in their semester examination. When student cheating in examination, this thing can be taken as a serious offense because this will broke rule of the university if their get caught. Their moral integrity as a student also will down because their cheating. I strongly agree if board of a university take a serious offense such as expel from the university to the student who get caught cheating in their examination. As a part of student, we have moral integrity that strongly contributes to the nation of being human, and thus we have a duty to check or caught student who cheating.        

Are you really going to pass the final exam if your homework has been done for you? Most of the time, professors don't even consider homework a big percentage of the grade, so if you're looking up answers to your homework problems and not really figuring out how to solve by yourself, you're going to hurt yourself when it comes to the final exam.
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Tech. Com #8: A Positive Thing that I'm Going to Do During the Mid-Semester Break is ...

After spend several months to focus on study, all students will have a mid-semester break. This mid-semester break usually is between one to two weeks. This break time should be use by the students to doing something that bring benefit to them. Student can do a tuition class, doing a part time job, and doing some charity work. For me, this mid-semester break I want to do many things such as:

  • I want to take a vacation with my family because only this time I and my family can have time to hang out together. 

  •  Secondly I want to help my parent to do something such as clean up house.

  • I also want to meet my friends in this mid-semester break because my friends also students like me and we only have time to meet each other when semester break only.
  • Do the work or assignments.

  • Study for the text that will come after this mid-semester break.

As a university student, they should use their mid-semester break time wisely.

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