Tech. Com #9: "To Cheat, or Not to Cheat"

For me, cheating is not suitable for student who still learning to get or achieve a good result in their semester examination. When student cheating in examination, this thing can be taken as a serious offense because this will broke rule of the university if their get caught. Their moral integrity as a student also will down because their cheating. I strongly agree if board of a university take a serious offense such as expel from the university to the student who get caught cheating in their examination. As a part of student, we have moral integrity that strongly contributes to the nation of being human, and thus we have a duty to check or caught student who cheating.        

Are you really going to pass the final exam if your homework has been done for you? Most of the time, professors don't even consider homework a big percentage of the grade, so if you're looking up answers to your homework problems and not really figuring out how to solve by yourself, you're going to hurt yourself when it comes to the final exam.
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