Expression #1: Its raining CATS and DOGS..

Brrr..Brrr....Brrr...Brrr..(sound of people shivering)

Its so cold out there.Its has been raining all day long for the last three days.Today we do not know yet how the weather is going to be. As we cannot predict the weather its all in the power of the mighty ALLAH. We as the slaves only can pray to ALLAH to give what best for us.

In the period of the rainy days, I guess theres maybe a flood at certain places. I hope the will be no LOST of beloved one. So people out there please beware of the situation and take a good care of your children and old folks okay. Take a precaution for now on. Like people always says "PREVENTION is better then CURE".

As in the mass media, the weather forecast said that at the early year of 2011 it will be a heavy rain. In other hand, they also said the rain will stop at the middle of the 2011. Lets hope for the best guys. If not there will be no clothes for us to wear. Since we cannot dry our clothes as the  sun is not appear.
As a reminder to the readers, for those who ride a motorcycle please be careful. Ride safely and if its raining heavily please stop at the pit stop provided. For those who are driving, please take note about your car condition. Besides that, please be aware of the others such as the pedestrians, motorcycle and etc. Drive safely and remember your beloved one.

Thats all for now. Hope to see you again in the next entry.


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Tech. Com#3: Mentally Disorder..Aspiration

The new year has come.I bet that everybody in this world will have their new aspiration for the new eve. Same goes to me. I have many aspiration to share with you guys out there but in this blog , I will share with you my educational aspiration. As my partner already shared his aspiration. You can view Didi's Educational Aspiration of 2011.

Let me share with u my aspiration..

This year i hope i will achieve my target which is to get CGPA above 3.00.I would like to make my parent proud of their borned child.this sem will be my starting point to make a "comeback" from my last sem.To my parent,family and friends please pray for my success...
To improve myself in many ways,I have to discipline myself to read more books,magazine and newspaper. This is to improve my general knowledge and at the same time I can improve my vocabulary and grammar.

This is the hard thing to do among others. But i will try my best to motivate myself. It is easy to lose focus in the class than to gain focus in class. I hope for this semester i can give fully my eyes and ears to the lecturer.Oh! Eyes and ears please don't give up to collect all the knowledges given.

Thats all for now. Any comment and suggestion please don't hesitate to drop it here.


Tech. Com #2: If I have the power to rule the world, I would......

“ It’s my own design
It’s my own remorse
Help me to decide
Of freedom and of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world “ 
p/s: Tears For Fears ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ Lyrics

Everyone know that all person in this world want to have a power that can be use to rule the world and rule the person in this world, but how if I have a power that I can use to rule the world. What I will do?

Firstly, I want to identify everyone who believes that his ideology should be imposed on everybody else by force, violence and aggression. Deport them all to a single small country. Build a wall around it. Never let anybody out.

Secondly, I will make the world where our parents stay now become a better place and suitable for all ages. No war and no violence. It will become a safest place to be.

Then, I will make my world free from drug and smoker. Free from pollution. Free from something than can harm my world. I want save my environment and save my ecosystems.

Lastly, I will make my people happy to live in this world. Always smile, smile and smile…

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Tech. Com #1: My Educational Aspiration for 2011

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Hi everyone, before I begin, some brief information about myself.
I'm Ruzaidi Ismadi and now still studying at UniKL MICET to further my study in Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons) in Environment. Though I would aspect to further study at other well known universities, but luck does not side on me.

Now, not-so-briefly, my educational aspirations for 2011 I want to achieve a better result than last semester because last semester I could say that there was a lot playing than study. I was really disappointed by my last semester result, but disappointed doesn't meant to give up. I should begin to study smart to get a better result and also to increase my CGPA for this semester. Apart from that, I also want to get all A’s in all subject that I take for all semester and grades with a flying color.

I realize this post maybe long and probably ambiguous in some spots, but these forums are my best bet for advice on these matters at this point in time. It may be that all of my educational aspirations for this year are premature, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be achieve. So, I should start from now to get all this thing become reality.

Thanks in advance, any advice, input, commentary or insight is most appreciated.

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Greeting from the OhPapadom.blogspot !

Hi everybody...

First of all i would to WELCOME you to our blog. Let me introduce you to the owner of the blog which is EryTaleb™ and DidiRuzaidi. This blog is under observant of Tech. Communication lecturer. We are compulsory to update this blog twice a week. This blog will be assess by our beloved lecturer Madame Mariati. We would like you to visit our blog and drop some love to our entry. That will be our bonus and if u follow us it will be our extra bonus marks. So feel free to visit our blog everyday okay. 


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