Expression #1: Its raining CATS and DOGS..

Brrr..Brrr....Brrr...Brrr..(sound of people shivering)

Its so cold out there.Its has been raining all day long for the last three days.Today we do not know yet how the weather is going to be. As we cannot predict the weather its all in the power of the mighty ALLAH. We as the slaves only can pray to ALLAH to give what best for us.

In the period of the rainy days, I guess theres maybe a flood at certain places. I hope the will be no LOST of beloved one. So people out there please beware of the situation and take a good care of your children and old folks okay. Take a precaution for now on. Like people always says "PREVENTION is better then CURE".

As in the mass media, the weather forecast said that at the early year of 2011 it will be a heavy rain. In other hand, they also said the rain will stop at the middle of the 2011. Lets hope for the best guys. If not there will be no clothes for us to wear. Since we cannot dry our clothes as the  sun is not appear.
As a reminder to the readers, for those who ride a motorcycle please be careful. Ride safely and if its raining heavily please stop at the pit stop provided. For those who are driving, please take note about your car condition. Besides that, please be aware of the others such as the pedestrians, motorcycle and etc. Drive safely and remember your beloved one.

Thats all for now. Hope to see you again in the next entry.


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let's wish for rain-free days!!!

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